Better usabilty to edit metadata

Complex structures in a small window do not really help to manage metadata. Mostly there is no (for me) need to edit exept of genre. It would help to handle genres separatly or / and to make the metadata window fullsize.


In apps when there are many options, there is a search or filter field for this, so that might be the solution as well…

There is no external product to edit Qobuz or Tidal tags cause Roon does not provide an API for that as far as I know. There is also no Excel/CSV import, only export.

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Yes. The editing features for streamed Qobuz/Tidal content are a sub-set of the editing features for locally stored content. Granted that roon is not a meta-data editor there should be at least parity between the limited editing features for local and streamed content. I am not sure why there would be a difference. It’s probably unintended but there is a possibility it is a licencing issue. I don’t know. I am not aware of roon ever commenting on this but I could be wrong.

From a license view, I see no difference to change inside the Roon App or by API.

I agree. I often have to correct Tidal metadata (album artists, primary artists, composer, etc.), and Roon’s interface for doing this is not user-friendly or practical at all.

The users are different. Many are certainly satisfied with the given informations. That’s already on a high level with Roon. But there are some among the users who want to have accurate first release years, genres or other information and invest a lot of time in it. For me, it’s important because it allows me to be spontaneous. If a song comes to my mind of which I don’t know the artist and title right away (we all get older), genre and first release year are often enough for me to find it.

I can still manage the genre to some extent with group editing. The year of release, especially for individual songs in samplers, I can so but not meaningfully edited. Since I like music from the shellac era, I have some samplers.

Metatag editing are not in the foreground with Roon. That doesn’t fit the concept either, I think. The question is what would fit the concept and what of it is feasible with a reasonable effort in implementation and support. For me, a REST API would suffice, or an Excel import. Conceivable would be also a Roon generated file, in which can be changed and for whose format there are editing tools (e.g… CSV, SQLight). Tabular editing within Roon, so a kind of editing mode, would probably fit best, but is complex and thus expensive.