Better visibility/control of DSP presets

Roon DSP is amazing for headphones. I have an endpoint which is a headphone amplifier I use with different headphones and I have different DSP presets for them. I would really like:

  1. To see which DSP preset is currently enabled from the main screen
  2. To be able to change presets with less clicks

I would also like to be able to control DSP presets from the API so I can automate this myself.



+1 for this. I think having the current DSP preset visible all the time (subtly) would be excellent. A quick-switcher would be even better.

Obviously great for headphones, but I also do change my DSP preset on my main speaker setup depending on what I’l listening to.

Agreed. How about adding the current DSP preset to the Signal Path popup?

Thats not desirable because the signal path shows up only after you start playback. You’d want to select the desired DSP preset before clicking on play. Also, switching DSP during playback results in an objectionable interruption of playback.

All very good points. Nonetheless it would be nice to at least see what, if any, DSP preset is in use via the signal path glowing dot.

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