Better volume leveling needed for albums

I always have the volume leveling on, because on playing radio or a playlist combined of local tracks and tracks from Tidal the volume needs leveling.
But on playing full albums with gapless transitions from track to track the leveling becomes a pita.

A really good example is the Tidal album “Kitaro - Silk Road, Vol.1”.
Track 1 VL -8.00dB
Track 2 VL -1.63dB
Track 3 VL -6,82dB
These are big differences and because each song flow into the next you hear a volume jump between each song and that makes hearing the album painfull.

You should adjust the volume level like some other players do. The idea is simple:

  • if the song, you want to calculate the volume, is followed in the queue by the next song from the same album, you use the album gain from replay gain for this song and the next one
  • otherwise you use the track gain from replay gain

It’s a simple but effective rule to always have a satisfying volume leveling.

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