Better way to identify MQA/Masters content

I would like to see Roon provide a way to identify MQA/Masters content that is not yet in a library. The way Tidal, and Roon’s skin of their UI, provides this feature is significantly lacking. To my knowledge, the only way this can be done currently is on the Tidal What’s New area for new albums or playlists, and I will assume that the portion of content surfaced in those two areas is a very small percentage of the entire Tidal catalog.

I’m not sure if Roon’s cloud services (metadata db likely) goes to the level of track quality but if so, this seems like a fairly straight forward feature to implement. If not, well it’s still a feature I’m sure most users would highly value lol

I’m not entirely clear what you are asking for but…
Do you have this switch set?

MQA will show up as format on album cover


I really love the controls in the Focus capability, but that only covers items in your library. I can easily create a bookmark to only MQA albums or tracks.

What I’m looking for is some sort of similar capability for Tidal content not in your library.

Sorry, I’m still not clear what you are looking for. I wasn’t referring to focus.

Here’s an artist with MQA albums not in my library.

I was referring to the icons on the album covers.


Thanks for this great tip! I loved the way Tidal has a Master tag on MQA albums and couldn’t figure out how to identify them in Roon.