Big Font 1.8 - looks awful on Android Samsung S9

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Font size is controlled by the system it’s not so you can set the size of text in the phones menu. I can on my Pixe in display settings on the phone l and it makes all fonts much better.

It looks awful in Windows too! You Samsung S9 users weren’t singled out.

I’m actually very happy with how it looks in my Pixel 5 (Text = Small in android settings).

1.7 was perfect. I change the Fontsize (S9) - Result = The APP crash and the other Fonts too small

Yep same here since I changed it very happy and it’s fine in other apps being at the smallest.

Perfect on mobile is not something I would ever say about 1.7.


My favorite is this Home Screen where 1/3 of the viewable area is telling me hello. Is there a single Roon user who cares about that? It’s purely wasted space.

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I did more tests. The font size in Android has no effect on the Roon app.