Big Help Needed: DirectoryNotReady After Update to 1.3/208

I jumped onto Roon today to check out some output settings; I haven’t fired Roon up for a number of days.

Roon notified that an update was available (to version 1.3 Build 208, with Core on a headless Mac Mini running OS X 10.9.5, Remote from other Macs running 10.12.3.) Oddly, when I clicked on “Show Details” on the update notification, the update process started automatically. Okay, so I let it continue to update, and then set about checking my output settings for my main zone, a few of which I changed.

Now, under my Storage tab on Settings, I’m seeing that all of my directories are showing a red DirectoryNotReady tag underneath (see screenshot.) When I check the Roon browser, I’m not seeing any of my library albums, of course.

Just to be sure, I rebooted the Mini, checked that I could see the library folders with Finder, and then restarted Roon. Nothing has changed and the problem still exists.

If Roon is re-scanning the music folders, then it’s taking its sweet time with it, and there is no indication of any progress or activity.

Did something get hosed here, or is this somehow a normal behavior? Keeping my fingers crossed that there’s a solution to this – it’s Saturday, and I wanna hear music.


As a test, I removed one or two of the smaller libraries from the Storage tab, then added them back to Roon in turn. Roon has imported the folders and their contents are visible in the Roon browser.

So, there seems to be a workaround to this – albeit an inconvenient one. Is there an explanation for what I’m seeing?


This means we tried to access the folders and they weren’t available. If you’re sure they’re available, you can click Edit next to the directory, then Browse, confirm they’re available, and save.

As for why this happened, it’s hard to say – are you sure the folders are still there in Finder? Is this a NAS? If so, any reason you’re not logging into the NAS from inside Roon (as opposed to mounting them in Volumes)?


Thanks for the reply.

Having already removed and re-added each folder, I can’t try the Browse function you mentioned, although it might have had much the same effect as what I did.

It’s not NAS. It’s a single external Firewire800 drive attached to the Mac Mini. As mentioned, I was able to see all of the folders using Finder… before I did the remove/add functions.