Big hidden data transfer [Answered - Metadata updates]

For more than half an hour, the Roon Server has been pulling a lot of data from IP - could #support explain what is the reason?
Sorry but I don’t like that this data transfer is hidden…

Comes up as, so what is your problem with this? Looks like typical database updates for metadata. These are a regular occurrence and 143MB is not exactly ‘big’. Why do you categorise them as hidden?

Hidden because I do not see this info in Roon - only with my tools; in iTunes for example I can see a spinning circle at the top of the screen.
The value shown here is an instantaneous value, about 700 MB in total. Besides, this is a fraction of what happens when the server is turning on …
You think this is metadata, but I don’t know what it really is and I don’t have time to check it. I prefer to turn off Roon even though I paid for it.

By the way - I worked in security systems, so due to the “professional deviation” it is worrying me.

Room creates a local database with all of your library information and photos in it, how did you think it got there - thought transfer?


Surely it’s osmosis?

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While being sceptical and curious is healthy to a certain extent, don’t let it become more than that.

Your question has been anwered: I’ts metadata for Roon. If you don’t trust that answer, indeed, it might be better to stop roon altogether.

PS: In the case of iTunes, how do you really know what it is downloading? Does iTunes tell you that? And even if it does tell you, do you believe it?

PS: You may better stop using macOS altogether, because it’s phoning home non-stop to Apple’s servers. And no it doesn’t give you a notification for that.

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I have NO local database at all… Only Tidal

Yes, I thought that the discussion would not be substantive, but will focus on the emotional teasing…

You mean, I think, that you have no local music files, you only use streamed files from Tidal. You do still have a local database though - it’s the Roon database, that holds all the metadata and cross-linkages for the Tidal material…

That’s what I meant
I have only few hundred albums from Tidal - why so much data is trnsfered every time I turn on server (every day or tvice a day).
Application is not optimised?
Globally it is wasteful energy losses .

A co to jest osmoza?

I thought the discussion has provided the answers you seek. Seems pretty substantial to me. If you fail to accept the answer, that’s not something I can help with.

Do you have any more questions? Otherwise further discussion is pointless…

The phrase “Ignorance is bliss” comes to mind. If you consider what Roon provides over and above some of the “dumb” music software out there that simply gives you lists to play back then the fact that Roon checks and updates at switch on makes sense. But working in the sector you did gives you heightened awareness of data usage meaning you don’t have the luxury of ignorance most of us enjoy. In the U.K. we can make something called a Freedom of Information request to see what data a company holds on us. And if it isn’t already in Roon’s T’s and C’s you can see how they use your data. If I had genuine concerns (I don’t) that is how I would proceed.

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sarcasm on
You really should consider to cease posting here then…and stop to stream music, listen to hardware media only which you rescue from the dumpster instead of buying…better yet, wind up your gramophone, and indulge yourself in sustainable music reproduction…
sarcasm off

In the real world, I do subscribe to and pay premium for a sustainable energy plan from my electricity supplier to feel a little less guilty, after all…

My definition of ‘wasteful’ would be subscribing to Roon and an online streaming service just to listen to a few hundred albums…but YMMV.

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I’ve just rebooted my Roon server and it’s doing exactly as you report. Here’s an extract from the log:

So, at the moment, it’s checking images, and it’s doing so using the same IP address as you mentioned:

I really don’t think you have anything to worry about.

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Thanks a lot

Hi @Lonek — As mentioned above, Roon is regularly doing metadata updates and that’s what you’re seeing here.

If you have any privacy concerns, our Privacy Policy is actually a pretty easy read and covers everything pretty well:

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