Big music subject to anti-trust laws?


Very interesting.

Yeah, sums up my feelings nicely.

Its a bit the flavour of the day. Big „anything“ needs to be broken up! Ok to watch anti-competitive behaviours and patterns. But not so sure I want any government / organization to act like communists.

Though this call comes up every time anyone suggests sharing the pie a little more fairly :wink:

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Couldn‘t agree more on fair sharing. The point is more how to get there :wink:

As to music streaming, there are still quite a number of players. Ticketing may be an entirely different story, at least in this part of the world it is.

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I have an image of someone explaining the fees for tickets in the US.
It would get me at least talked to if I posted here :slight_smile: But is accurate and funny.
“What you gonna do not pay the fee, fee. $3.00”