Bigaglia: Choral Music with Knabenchor Hannover (Qobuz) - Composition not matched

In this recording the first composition (Miserere) ist not being matched properly. The 14 movements all show up individually. The other two compositions (Missa and Credo) have matched correctly.

Thanks for checking.

Hi @bbrip. I know what’s going on; it’s due to the balance needing to be struck in our code between aligning TiVo metadata with streaming service releases and filtering out bad metadata. I’ve created a ticket to see if we can tweak this as the TiVo metadata are good in this instance.

As an aside, we currently have NO composition matching for this Qobuz album server-side; your Core is doing some matching for the other compositions locally.

For now, I suggest that the best course of action here is to manually identify and select the metadata for the “CD release”.

Thanks @joel .Thats what I tried, I could’nt find a matching CD. All I get is that Qobuz version:

Any idea what I need to enter?

If you click on that “metadata that is currently used”, do you get two “Editions” to choose from?

Unfortunately not. Just that one version.

Okay, thanks. The metadata are being de-duped by track times on the server (which is normally the right thing to do or you can end up with tens or even hundreds of essentially identical editions). I’ll have to give this some thought. :thinking:

Another ticket in…

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Hi @bbrip. At your leisure, perhaps you would check to see if you get two editions in the identification now? :slight_smile:

@joel, thank you! A second edition is now showing up and choosing this, the compositions are all matching! thanks :+1:

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