Bigger Album view for slow browsing

Hoping to have an option to have album view only show 1 to 4 album at a time for “slow browsing mode”. It would feel like digging thru the crate of vinyls and have time to reflect on each album. Right now the view show more then 40 albums on screen, it’s really noisy and hard to focus in those slow browsing mode. Thanks for the great work.


Have you tried settings and set show more album covers to off. That reduces the albums shown on my iPad from 24 to 8. Gets you some of the way there.

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Yes, but I am on Mac with a 27 inch display which display over 50 albums at one time. I will give it a try on my iPad, maybe change my browsing habit until maybe one day I can do it on my Mac. Thanks

On the 27" Mac, you could reduce the size of the window that Roon is running in.
Then Roon would reduce the amount of albums displayed accordingly to fit into the space.