Biggest bug for me: what I’ve been listening to is wrong

Says my top artists - and some of my top albums - are artists/titles that aren’t even in my library.

As for the design haters, there’s a couple UI pathway issues I’ve encountered, but the design really is strong. Typography strong. This from a 20+ year Art Director. The whole agency was looking through the layout, typography, design choices and unanimity around the quality here. I like scrolling vertically. Love when serif and sans are paired tastefully. So there’s a lot to like here. Just goes to show that you can never align the whole planet on a single look. That’s why we all think each other’s living rooms are whack. And why half the planet thinks yesterday’s news didn’t actually happen. Tough time to be a brand…but hang in there Roon. You’re doing tough things very well. And the inevitable bugs will get worked out. ( though my iPad to iMac core to Naim Uniti Nova path has been pretty bug free!


What happens if you restart your core?

Still says I’m the world’s biggest fan of Nancy Griffith and Ray LaMonatgne

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So you’re not a fan of country-folk? :slightly_smiling_face:

I should add, welcome to the community! I’ve asked for your post to be moved to #support so this may be looked into for you. In thhe meantime if you could provide a little more detail about your Roon setup this will help. I think it would also be useful if you say how long you’ve been using Roon and what streaming services you use.

About a month into Roon. And love it.

iMac dedicated for Roon core. OS is Big Sur.
Controlled by iPad app
Feeding into Roon ready Naim Uniti Nova
Streaming Tidal HiFi and Qobuz

Was keeping pretty good track of my latest, etc. Until I updated everything. ( started with iPad app, then core…)

Now thinks I’m also infatuated w Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris. And while I respect them a great deal I don’t currently have any in my library and haven’t played a single song.

Hi @Jeff_Sanborn ,

If you go to your History tab, do you see any of the top albums listed there?

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