Binaural recordings?

Does anyone know of any binaural music recordings (preferably available on Qobuz)? I am just curious to hear what my current headphones (Sennheiser HD800S) make of a good quality binaural recording.

One good start point: go to Chesky Records (, then search Qobuz for the same albums.

Actual 3D Binaural:

  • Max Cooper - 3D Reworks 001 (he has a bunch of other stuff like Emergence that is also either 3d binaural or else just very spacious and open, but this is my favorite)
  • Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra - Up Close (Cocteau and La Luna are my fave tracks)

Not Actual 3D Binaural but making similar use of space and soundstage:

  • Yosi Horikawa - specifically the tracks Bubbles, Letter, Bump, and Vapor - he does very cool things musically built around common everyday sounds
  • Tipper - Jettison Mind Hatch (I particularly like the track Sahra, though it takes about a minute to get rolling)
  • John Gomm - Secrets Nobody Keeps (I particularly love the tracks Dance of the Last Rhino and Passionflower - not normally my style but the recordings are beautifully produced and it’s worth looking him up on youtube to watch because as a technical guitar player he is actually nuts)

This is what I have off the cuff - I can probably come up with more.

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If you have any multi-track recordings and are tech inclined you could try mixing your own?

These are quite good:

Great suggestions, thanks! I didn’t know about the BCC Proms stuff; I’ll definitely check them out.

One good start point: go to Chesky Records, then search Qobuz for the same albums.

Chesky Records removed their catalog from Qobuz and Tidal a few years ago. Chesky Records can be streamed on Spotify, or downloads purchased from HDTracks.

Here are some albums on Qobuz:
Open Qobuz (Stravinsky)
Open Qobuz (Ottmar Liebert guitar)
Open Qobuz (San Francisco Symphony)

The solo piano albums from Zenph Studios feature standard mic’d tracks followed by binaural tracks.
Open Qobuz (Glenn Gould Goldberg Variations)
Open Qobuz (Art Tatum)
Open Qobuz (Oscar Peterson)
Open Qobuz (Rachmaninoff)


more great suggestions, thanks. I’ll check them out when I get a chance.