Biography and Translation


As soon as the translation of Roon is available in different languages, the question of translation of biographies (artists, composer, genre …) will be asked. You probably already know it.

If I understand the size of your organization, it will be difficult for you to manage the translations of the biographies in all the languages ​​you take care of.

I think that if you give users the right to edit biographies and propose a version in their respective languages, you will be able to provide a multilingual biography base at a fraction of the cost.

You already apply this method with self-evaluation of texts for the translation of Roon, you can extend it to biographies.

Roon users are passionate, I think the quality (and quantity) of the texts would be of high level …
I’m sure you’ve already thought about it, I’d like to hear your analysis on this…

Translated from french by google translation

Agreed, we can look into this… first you have to help us translate to French!

We are looking for a French translation “leader” to help us with some core concepts…

thank you for the answer.
From the beginning, I got involved in French translation.:grinning:
it is true that it remains a very technical part to translate…

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I am also interested to have translations of biography or album information. There is a way to put own text for a genre. Is it possible to use this function also for biography?

Maybe it is possible to use something like Google-Translator.

Well, i don’t know. I assume that anybody using roon reads english. a translation is a huge amount of work and time, and i think it would be better for the time being to invest in a better (error-free) music database.

And why not be used multilingual music database instead of translations of biographies, etc.?

Pour la traduction des Biographies Il n’est actuellement pas possible de sélectionner le texte pour le traduire avec Google translate ou un autres logiciel. Pourriez vous intégrer cette fonction dans les future versions de Roon.