Bios update necessary?

NUC8i5BEK recently installed rock core but didn’t update bios. Everything seems to work, so does it matter? Will it affect performance at all? Bw Julian

I have a NUC8i3BEH on the way and would also be curious.

These tend to be mainly security updates.

From memory they can be downloaded and installed from the BIOS itself by putting them on a memory stick.
There are also network adapter updates and other firmware updates as well, which you may be able to install in the same way.

You don’t need to update BIOS for ROCK.

Roon really needs to change their instructions. They are out of date for the newer NUCs that are on the market now.

What can you lose by trying it without the update, first? Nothing, it won’t blow up and updating the BIOS is a hassle you don’t need to experience.


Julian as luck would have it, I just had a new NUC delivered (10th gen), so I will play with this over the next day or so and see what the options are on the update without Windows available and feedback.

As Slim said they are not fully necessary for Rock, but there have been some horrible bugs and security vulnerabilities fixed by by Intel in the last couple of years in both the BIOS and management engines, so if they can be put on it at least to a point it should help.

Thanks Michael - I’ll be interested to see what you think.

Julian that looks easy enough on the modern NUC’s

Go to this website Support Links for Intel® NUC
and select the model you purchased.
go to the Bios download section and download the cap file, which is an OS independent file.

Copy this file to a memory stick (I formatted mine Fat32 but others might work)
Turn on the NUC and Press F7 to boot to the Bios and then select it from the USB disk and go.
It takes 3 or 4 minutes and then it is updated and reboots.

Everything else seems to be Windows related.

I will check the next bit and update this entry with the results

To set legacy mode you might find this useful as I went around the houses for half an hour before finding it, P.S. You need to reboot and go back into the BIOS and enable Legacy Boot after making the changes.


@Julian_Green @RBO Good news after an issue with Rock not being downloadable (Forums issue) I got it and did the install, having made the changes above and restored the database (2 hours at least to restore so find something else to do). As soon as you connect is will update Roon to last nights release so keep an eye on that.

When that is complete and there is another 5 to 10 minute wait and then all good, even the queue that I was playing before the backup came back up.

You just have to log into Roon again to confirm it is you and off you go.
Happily playing music again across all zones and now have 8 cores for analysing new music instead of 4 (not that that was ever an issue to be fair)

So all in all fairly smooth transition


Happy to hear this and thanks for the update! I have watched this video a couple time now in preparation for my new NUC :sweat_smile:

Raz that is a pretty decent introduction, not sure which Nuc you ordered but just check out the link I posted to the the BIOS downloads and instructions on turning on Legacy mode as that is well hidden and I don’t remember that Darko covered it in his video.
It will hopefully go smoothly for you and you will have fun

He makes it seem like a breeze. I ordered the NUC8i3BEH with a 250 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM.

I doubt it’s going to be smooth sailings for me as I am not too tech savvy :rofl: Will let you know how it goes.

Raz it really is quite fairly straightforward (once you have the base setup), just get the latest cap file for the Nuc 8 BE (it looks like it might be this one below)

and update with F7 on boot (from a memory stick)

Then follow the instructions for enabling Legacy mode boot.
Then burn the ROCK image to a memory stick using balenEtcher and boot off the memory stick and follow the instructions.
Just remember to take the memory stick out before you reboot as it will do it all again otherwise.

How are you going to use the SSD?

For ROCK only. I will get a separate HDD for my very small library which is currently on a Macbook with my core.

When you say SSD did you mean M.2 or actual old fashioned SSD? (Seems funny when you call SSD old fashioned)

Ideally you would use M.2 and put a drive inside the NUC, but plenty of ways to make this work

Yeah, @Michael_Harris beat me to it.

I would use an M.2 to hold ROCK. You don’t need anything bigger than 128GB, but those are hard to find. An 256GB M.2 will do.

Don’t know how big your local music files are, but the NUC you’re getting has room for both the M.2 and an SSD to hold your music.

Yes pretty much my exact thoughts especially if the library is small.
Got a 256GB M.2 myself as so cheap

This is what I ordered. Am a Roon newbie so hoping I am getting the right thing. Ordered from Spain for a very good price compared to what I found here in the UK. Any advice is greatly appreciated :grinning:

OK, you’re good. It sounded like maybe you were getting the old style SSD rather than an M.2.

Good to hear. You had me scared for a second there. Really looking forward to putting this thing together.