Bit perfect playback problem [Resolved Roon is bit perfect]

When I connect my ūRendu to my Directstream DAC via USB and play a Bit Perfect track from NAS, by using the MConnect control point the DS indicate ‘Bit Perfect’ in its display. Then I hook up my Rockna Wavedream Net transport to the DS over I2s and play the same bit perfect file and but no ‘bit perfect’ annunciation appear on the DS when using Roon as Playpoint. Roon server v.1.3 and library is located on an SBC inside the transport. I have revisited all Roon settings together with Rockna without luck. The critical issue here is that the Rockna updates its firmware by playing a wav file in bit perfect mode. Rockna succeed to upgrade but I am not by using Roon.

The Volume control is set to ‘Fixed’

Please advice.
I am also providing some screenshots.

Hi Frode, can you screenshot the signal path too

Is this what you mean?

Yep, so that’s showing as lossless = bit perfect.

When you say ‘bit perfect’ on the DS display, are you referring to the DS Bit Perfect 24/192 Test File?

This one is the latest:

It was posted here only last week:!/page-21/#p74267

Here is the bit perfect test:

and the wav upgrade file:

Yes, this is correct.
Here is the USB play (MPD):

and with Roon over I2s:

Can you disable “max bit bits per sample”, currently showing as 32 bits

I doubt that makes a difference with the 24/192 test file but I’m struggling to think of anything else that it could be :frowning:

Since the signal path is showing lossless, it really should pass the bit perfect test

I just ran the test with my Bridge II and DS and I see the green bitperfect mark

It says ‘Disabled’ per default.

Anyone out there getting bit perfect over I2s?

Thanks for helping out, Sean.

No worries, in your earlier screenshot it shows as 32 bits. But I don’t think it’s that anyway

Can you try the SPDIF output into your DS? Only for test purposes

Also, with the I2S output, does the 24-96 Stereo Test File fail? Or only the 24-192 Stereo Test file fails?

Or both fail with I2S?

I am sorry. I misunderstood.
I tested this but no sigar. Still no bitperfect or Rockna upgrade.

No versions work. I have tried them all.

Eeep. And SPDIF, same? All test files fail?

Now it start to be interesting.
S/PDIF show success with Rockna as source - with Roon - so I guess we can rule out Roon as root cause…(?)

Ah! I’m happy at least I wasn’t wasting your time lol. Definitely this rules out Roon.

Next thing to try is a different HDMI cable if you have.

And try the other I2S input of the DS (just in case there is an issue with one port - unlikely I know but just to rule it out)

This I have ruled out already.
Also, the Rockna should upgrade without DAC connected via HDMI cable.

Hmmm something wrong with I2S, either DS input or Rockna output, no?

Roon is definitely playing bit perfect, as per SPDIF test.

Either a question for Ted and/or Rockna I think, like the above, now that you confirmed Roon can play bit perfect to the DS via SPDIF

I have been contributing in the linked thread with the nick Distinctive :grinning:

Ted and Nicolae (Rockna) has been contributing for some time already, but no remedy has been found. The new significant progress is that Roon now can be ruled out as it seems.
The missing annunciation in the DS display is probably caused by I2s incompatibility in Huron, but why my Rockna does not upgrade is still a mystery. I had no issues upgrading my Audiobyte H-Z in this manner.

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happy to have ruled out Roon. I hope your I2S issue can get sorted

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