Bit Perfect playback sought

Please can someone tell me how to get from high quality to bit perfect sound. My sources are shown purple but my output shows as high quality ( OS mixer) I’m on a mac using a USB connection to my Hegel 160 DAC. What can I do?


Hi William, it might help to screenshot your available outputs and your output settings to see if anyone can spot anything.

In Roon --> Settings --> Audio do you see your DAC listed as a device?
If so enable that device. Once enabled you should be able to select it as a zone (rather than the OS Mixer).

Hmm. IIRC I had done that in settings but maybe not. I’m not able to access my computer at the moment but I will have a look when I get back later. I will send screenshots then too ( Not sure about Zones TBH )

Thank you both for your help

Hey @William_Scott – give [this] ( a read too. I think it should help you get set up here.

Thanks everyone I’ve got it sorted now. Mike that link helped a lot. I have a Hegel 160 with DAC and I’m not sure what the best settings would be to use with that.

I’ve got exclusive ticked and the rest look like the settings on the link except I have max sample rate as 96 as it is the maximum my DAC will take on USB.

Having made these settings, This is as good as Roon sound can be right?


EDIT BTW I meant to say that I’m pretty happy with what I’m getting from Roon now. Sounds every bit as good as Audirvana+ I’m due to shell out tomorrow but still haven’t decided between annual and lifetime licences