Bitstream passthrough for Dolby formats

Dolby’s audio formats (DTS, Atmos, etc) could be streamed with “pass-through” (bitstream) to an av processor, as with every media player on the market.

Audio files from DVD audio, or even blue ray audio, are stored in our hard disk database, usually as flac with Dolby encoding, and roon is not capable of streaming them.

A cheap blue ray player, like sony 700/800, is capable of playing all these files, and this is not possible with roon.

Dolby Atmos streaming is on the way (tidal and others will follow) and there is no need for decoding, we all have a compatible av processor, bitstream with pass-through is what we need.

Maybe even streaming of movies (blue ray) is a good idea.

Thank you!


This would be great. Need to have a streaming device with HDMI out though to pass a ATMOS signal at least as far as I know.

Maybe hdmi is not required.

I suppose that ethernet is more than enough.

I am using Trinnov audio altitude processor.

I know you can’t do ATMOS over coax or Optical. The Trinnov has much better capabilities over IP then most other processors. Because it is a intel computer I can’t see any reason they can’t do ATMOS over Ethernet to it. I would rather see resources spent on getting ATMOS to work with Roon on products more people can afford though like Apple TV.

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