Bitstream Support

I think this is a feature request. I just bought a Blu-ray audio disc with multi-channel Dolby TrueHD+Atmos tracks. It sure would be great if this would integrate into Roon just like all of my other albums. I think this is a feature request because I have not been able to find out how to do this if it is possible. I also think that one of the real differentiators of Roon is the ability to support the very wide variety of music formats especially multi-channel. Adding TrueHD+Atmos support would keep Roon ahead of its competition.

Thank you for your consideration.

John, you are in over your head and on a wild goose chase here with this Dolby Atmos in Roon bent.

In this context, “bitstream” just means to output encoded audio from the source to be decoded at the sink. Roon already can do this with formats (DTS, MQA, etc.) that can be stored in standard audio container files (FLAC, WAV, etc.)

As others have pointed out in other threads, Dolby Atmos quite likely cannot be ripped and almost certainly cannot be stored in a standard audio container file. This is basically a non starter. Moreover, Dolby Atmos is unlikely ever to be an audio centric format – except on an exceedingly small number of BDs and maybe some proprietary streaming services.



Just out of interest Atmos can be ripped, it depends I suppose on the legitimacy. I have used DVD FAB to rip my BD to file , MKV container. The few Atmos ones show up as 8 channel and Atmos in Media Info

Wether they playback Atmos I don’t know as I rarely if ever notice the Atmos effect using my Samsung HW950 soundbar even though it claims Atmos

In terms of Roon I agree it’s unlikely. I still use JRiver to stream my video content