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My Björk albums just will not show up in my library no matter what I do with her name, rescan, turn it on and off again, etc. I feel like this was asked before but I can’t find the comment thread if there ever was one. She shows up just fine in Qobuz streaming though.

Just another user, kindly asking you to give support more info about your complete set-up, as the given template suggests - include connection types, album file info, even if you deem it unrelated.

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All that out of the way, I am able to find Björk with Roon’s search, not just from Qobuz but also the two albums I have ripped to my physical library.
(Find my system specifics by clicking my avatar, if interested)

And even without umlaut

I left them out because they’re inconsequential to the question, and yes I’m aware other people can find their files of her. I’m trying to figure out why I personally can’t locate her (I have 5 albums) outside of Qobuz through Roon.

Well, as you’re not willing to give more background, are you sure they’re in your watched folders, which albums are they and how are they tagged?
You gotta work with us, otherwise this is fruitless …

I’ve been using Roon for several years now. The albums are with the rest of my FLAC library. I’m not a new user. Everything else works and other albums I’ve recently added show up just fine. They’re Qobuz purchases: Debut, Post, Telegram, Homogenic, and Vespertine.

I’m not “not willing”, my networking setup and integrated wouldn’t be the cause of what is clearly a software issue.

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If you say they are purchased from Qobuz. Did you check metadata and file type in your watched folder? Did you check skipped files?

I’ll look, but like I said, all my other recent Qobuz purchases slotted in just fine. I’ll try again see if it mentions skipped files.

There’s nothing under Skipped. I deleted and then placed the albums back onto the external SSD that holds all my music. Rescanned. Nothing. They just won’t show up.

I’ve had it happen before where an album I’ve added didn’t show up in Roon. It turned out to be something about the file names Roon didn’t like (too long, special/odd characters, or something like that). After fixing the file names in question, the album then appeared in Roon.

Here you can read about special characters. Scroll down.

So these are albums purchased from Qobuz, downloaded into a temporary holding location and then copied into a Watched Folder?

How were they downloaded? Qobuz has changed its downloading process several times in the past few months. First they changed the folder naming convention in their downloader app, and then they scrapped the app entirely and put the downloading function back into their main app (which is where it was originally).

If the Bjork albums were multi-disc sets, then Qobuz’s naming convention for them does not work with Roon’s expectations; see:

Perhaps you can show a screenshot using Finder to show how an example Bjork album is structured in your Watched Folder?


Whelp. That was weird.

I decided to go in and try to change all the song files and remove the umlauts from the “o” and…there were no files in the folders. Any of them. For some reason it only downloaded the album folder with no contents. So I had just set the download and then pulled the folders over, not checking the contents. Problem solved. Lock it up.


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