Black Friday 2020 deals on Roon compatible Speakers

Hi, just wanted to check if there are any recommendations for decent floor standing or desktop speakers that work with Roon, preferably without having to buy a separate amplifier or DAC (but be bought if performance is great!). Something that has a subwoofer or can integrate one and is a beast in performance and audio quality (firmly in the realm of audiophilia…) but isnt too damaging to the pocket dont mind the oxy moron…

Needless to say…is on sale this Black Friday!

Happy shopping everyone!

May be too late for sales. Please tell us about the room where these speakers will go and how you’ll use them. Rough dimensions and if this is dedicated 2-channel, or some mixed use for home theater. Dedicated listening room or shared space used mostly for background listening? A rough budget would be helpful too. At least order of magnitude…eg, $200, $2,000, or $20,000.

Thanks. Honestly, I am in between places right now as I have moved to a new country (Canada) and I havent found a home yet…so cant really comment on the spacing. But they’re probably gonna go into an apartment hall or basement of a town house. I need them for listening to music (two channel…maybe can add a sub later) as my sound bar is more than enough for TV and stuff. Budget preferable $500 or if its really something that will last 5 years and is closer to an end game for most then, am willing to shell out between $1000-1500. Also, will need amp recommendation as I have a DAC (SMSL M500) that is already decently clean…

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That’s easy then. I would go with a pair of JBL 308P MkII monitors:

Here’s a link to a review on ASR:

I have the 305’s and use them every day. In fact the 305’s are the most used Roon zone in our house. The 308’s are better in every way. They accept a balanced connection, so you’ll connect them to your M500 via a standard pair of XLR interconnects.

For anything resembling serious listening, you’ll want to put them on a pair of stands to get the tweeters close to ear height. I think about 24 to 26 in. tall should do it. For example:

Finally, you’ll need some XLR cables. Blue Jeans makes great stuff, so a pair of these should work nicely and will be worth the investment.

You’ll use this stuff for way more than five years. I can almost guarantee it. Happy shopping!

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That’s actually a pretty great recommendation and within my budget. Are they boomy as I’ve heard JBLs to be. I can’t audition anything now given the lockdown here.

Also, there is a subwoofer being sold for C$470odd dollars…would that be needed for Audiophile listening… mostly yo jazz and pop?

Also, don’t know if you’ve ever heard but how do Edifiers compare? Like this one

These Edifiers accept Toslink so can talk to my Chromecast Audio as a Room end point…buy don’t know if JBLs sound better…

I’ve also looked up a pair of adjustable height stands for this pair to ensure a great experience…don’t know if adjustable height stands are recommended though…

Oh, and about XLRs, I mostly listen to my headphones HD800Ss via THX 789 with XLRs which are a pair of Canare cables from Worlds best audio cables

Can’t go wrong with those either. Share a photo of your JBL’s once you have them set up! :wink:

Thanks. Would you also recommend a sub?

I doubt you’ll need one. Start with the 308’s and decide later.

Thanks a lot mate. I think you solved my predicament!


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Great. As long as you can place the JBL’s at least a couple of feet from the wall behind them, you’ll have no problems, and I’m confident you’ll love how they sound. They are neutral to slightly warm sounding monitors. There are switches on the rear that you can use to contour the response to account for placement and room conditions. Of course, you can also tweak to taste via thoughtful use Roon’s PEQ DSP.

As I mentioned below, I doubt you’ll need the sub…especially for mostly jazz and pop. If you were heavily into EDM at volumes above 90 dB in a large room, I might suggest a sub. For your use case, I really don’t think you’d notice a significant benefit.

I did try a pair of SVS SB2000 subs with my 305P’s just for fun. The blend was actually surprisingly good, and the subs enabled me to drive them to ear ringing, floor shaking levels. But, we normally play them between 70 and 80 dB, so the subs are unnecessary, even in our fairly large room (17.5 x 22 ft with 9 ft ceiling).

I’m familiar with the Edifier speakers. The JBL’s are in a completely different class. Comparing the Edifier R1280DB to the JBL 308P is like comparing the analog output of the Chromecast Audio to your S.M.S.L. M500 DAC. To get something comparable in sound quality to the JBL 308P in the Edifier line, you’d be looking at the A300.

The JBL 308P are fairly large monitors. I would not think of putting them on adjustable height stands. You want something that’s heavy and stable. They are 10 in. wide, 12 in. deep, and weigh almost 18 lbs each.

Thanks a lot for your detailed response. Initially, I was really eyeing for the KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

But the need for an amp with extra $$$ needed put me away (not that know what to pair them with)…Also, I couldnt guess how better these are over the JBLs you’ve recommended. Maybe some day…