Black letters over white background please!

For some reasons after reading the first few rows of an album review (white letters over dark background) my eyes start “impressing” the white text over my retina and I have trouble reading.

Can you add a feature to have dark text over light background?



Settings/Setup/Theme should help.

No does not help, the white theme still has black background for the reviews. I have been requesting this many times about a year a go. They changed the black background into something a little less black but contrast is still to high for me. I stopped trying to read the reviews all together because of this, my eyes just can’t read them. Too bad. I stopped asking but that doesn’t mean the problem was solved. Would be very nice if it eas possible to set a custom background colour. Not a fancy feature request but a very serious request from someone with a very serious eyesight problem.


I tried that, it doesn’t solve the problem

Really? None cares about this?

Well I agree here. The problem is likely the blurred background which needs to blend into the background where the text is displayed. It would need to be a hard transition to be visually pleasing I think.

Something like this perhaps?

I also think the current colors are off (in both light and dark theme) . The solid background where the text is displayed has 51-51-51 rgb value
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However the bottom with the title and progress bar has a value of 36 40 46 :scream:

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Yes stevev1, that is exactly the kind of solution that would fix my problem and with me many others!


It does not have to be less visual appealing then it allready is. But yes, the sample you give here is perfectly readable for me. The only problem with the current view is that the contrast is too high. It is better then it was before but still not nearly good enough for me. I have got great hearing but unfortunatly not such a great vision. For me small areas with high contrast are perfectly fine but large areas with high contrast like the collapsed album review with white letters on almost black background are very hard. I really have to concentrate to be able to read it. After four lines the letters come of the screen and start dancing around in the air, hard to focus on moving letters. I never read the album reviews in collapsed mode because of this, can’t reach it to the end anyway so no use in trying. It also the reason why I have a preference for Deezer an Apple music, it because the black interface of Spotify and Tidal is very hard for me. Anytime Something changes on the screen, like scrolling around or going to another page it takes a couple of seconds to be able to focus again. I can use it but it is tyring. So any feature request from my side regarding this has nothing to do about the interface being ugly or wanting to change something people are so fond of. It is about usability for someone with an eyesight problem. Some customisation would be great.