Black screen on Roon Arc iPhone

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Description of Issue

I open up Roon Arc and I get a black screen on iPhone 15 Pro.

iOS 172.

I’ve had this on various iOS version and version of the app and different iPhones. I’m sorry but it’s unacceptable to display a black screen on any issue. I’ve been a professional developer for over 30 years and I accept bugs happen, But you need to display some cause to identify the issue.
A black screen is unacceptable.


I should add I’m happen to install any test flight version etc to help diagnose issue.

@Graham_Berks, does the iOS Roon Remote app work normally on your 15 Pro? Is this black screen on startup limited only to the Roon ARC app?

Roon Remote App is fine.

Just Roon Arc is dead with a black screen.

Hi @Graham_Berks,

Thank you for your post. I see that you’re tracking this issue with the QA and Product team here:

Since we’re actively working on a fix and have an open channel of communication in that thread, we’ll close this one for due diligence. Thank you!