Blacklist for artists

I’ll admit I may be the only one who would use this, but I wish I could blacklist an artist. There are some artists that appear in my genre when radio starts (and Tidal playlists) that I ALWAYS have to grab a remote and skip because I just don’t care for them or their music.

Make use of the ROONRADIOBAN tag in your media files.

Radio Ban Tag support
Starting in today’s release, any track with the file tag ROONRADIOBAN set to values 1 or true or yes will no longer be selected by Radio.

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Thanks @Martin_Webster , I didn’t know there was already a way to do this. I’m still learning what all Roon is capable of.

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Wow, I must be getting old. I went to add the ban tag to an artist and it was already there. I either searched for the answer at one time or already asked the question. I swear I don’t remember. :fearful:


It’s Sunday dear. Yes, Sunday!

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