BlackList-Hate-Exclude TIDAL/LIBRARY options

The one thing missing from all the MUSIC SYSTEMS is “I HATE THIS STUFF, NEVER SHOW IT TO ME AGAIN” feature.
Yes. I also do not want any JZ recommendations. or Dr. Dre, etc.

So if ROON wants to make me super happy allow me to click on artists, or even GENRE aka RAP (crap), and protect my valuable time from ever having to see these options again… EVER NEVER NEVER…

In TIDAL I can say FAVORITE, but I can’t mark HATEORIATES… That’s the one when I listen to a track and HATE IT, but I can’t get it to stop recommendeding it to me.

PLEASE ROON… ALLOW US TO HATE THINGS as much as LOVE THEM… It should be as RED X just like the HEART ICON.

Also for me anything marked [E]. I can live without. I don’t want to spend my time listening to people who hate women, hate their mother, and more importantly hate… well just about everything… Except I want to say I hate them… Almost a completely circle…

Anyway all BOOLEAN logic is about AND, OR, NOT, NOR, and allowing use to have EXCLUDE functions will go along way.

Now that these preferences should also be linked to each PROFILE (not stored in them, but linked) so 3 people in the house can exclude RAP, but someone ( a child who doesn’t know better) may still want it listed.

Also parents could SENSOR what their kids listen to… (yes… I got that idea from Putin).

Anyway I hope this RANT inspires us to have more booleen options for love and hate… (which are really the same thing).


PS: I feel a lot better getting this off my chest


So, who did put the ‘C’ in RAP music?

Um, you may not have discovered it, but the “heart” icon by every artist, album and track in Roon actually has three states: off, favourite, and never play this to me again…

Oh, and they are tied to individual profiles…


Thank you for the information, because I didn’t know it had those three states.
Seems it works for LIBRARY artist’s but not for Tidal. My goal is to reduce the amount of TIDAL recommendations as well .
The heart Icon is NOT on the TIDAL artist… …

PS: When I click on the HEART icon on Tidal tracks it also does nothing. My goal again with ROON is to start building a shield from Tidal stuff I don’t want. I believe their goal is to PREVENT PEOPLE being told… HEH!.. JayZ and Beyoncé both have new albums for you… I want to be dropped from that communication and it seems ROON is the only option to do this.

FEATURE REQUEST: Even with TIDAL SEARCHES, allow me to block artists and tracks, keep it in the ROON DATABASE and then filter out TIDAL results before I get them. I assume TIDAL doesn’t allow EXCLUDE:JAYZ, BEYONCE, GENRE:RAP, EXPLICIT:NOT ALLOWED.

Again. the goal is search/focus filters that are both inclusive and exclusive… EVEN IN THE FILTERS, it doesn’t seem that I can say EXCLUDE JAZZ without having to select all the other GENRES’. Maybe the same 3 STATUS Include/Exclude, Not set.

FEATURE REQUEST NUMBER 3: Allow me to SAVE MY FOCUS SETTINGS… I may be in a HI-DEF mood one day, and a JAZZ FOCUS mood another. Seems I have to keep resetting my focus.

It seems that allowing me to save these FOCUS SETUPS would allow much more dynamic grouping of the settings. Currently I have to setup a detailed focus, then change it, and completely lose the focus settings I have.


Somewhat paradoxically for this use case, you need to add the Tidal album to your library, and then the heart widget is there.


Er, you can already do both of these requests. All Focus selectors can be both inclusive (AND) or exclusive (NOT). When they are green, they are inclusive - click on the selector, and it will turn red and become exclusive.

Once you’ve built up a Focus selection (e.g. NOT Jazz albums AND 5.1 channel AND released in 2010 - 2017), then save it as a Bookmark, and it will be instantly available for future use…


I appreciate your frustrations…
I am digging deep and fast before trial runs out.
Need to decide if I want to Marry Roon, its legal in Montana… or just enjoy the date.
So far I feel proposal is coming.

That being said… a help more help icons would help fix the confusion
Also why call SAVES FOCUS as bookmark.

I am okay with the functionality, but unclear when teaching the wife…

Thanks… i look forward to using these features.

You did not address the missing heart on tidal artists



Very paradoxical…
Add something to my library so I can hate it…


No idea - the Roonies seem to use the terms as synonyms for each other.

(I don’t work for Roon, I just use it)


You can’t do anything to it beyond play until it’s in your library. I think what you don’t like is the shop window of Tidal. There is the occasional track I may wish to ban which is a useful feature for me.
Personally I just ignor the JayZ and friends position at the top of the pile. They own it and they can do what they like with it.

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Hi Chris…

I was just hoping for a way to Exclude stuff from my Roon searches… adding it to my library is okay. Ill have to see how it looks.

If exclude JayZ
When I search for Jay will he come up or not.

Testing now… just Tested…
Search foe Jay z and he shows up.

I dont want his tracks to show in my SEARCHES.

Roon used Banned, I beleive is the criteria… But he still comes up in search… :frowning:


  1. When I ban an artist, I want them gone in all Roon lists, except the Banned list. I also dont want to have to add them to library to ban them. It should be a single step.

  2. I am having trouble finding FOCUS TOOL on all screens. Seems like Focus should be right next to SEARCH 100% of the time. I FEEL I am on an easter egg search trying to basically build search advanced filters.

Again… Roon is a perfect management layer over all this data, lets benefit from it.

Now that I added Jay Z to my library, I am presented with playing a favorite for all of us.

[moderator edit]

Please lets allow us who don’t want this avoid it with Roon helping.



If you haven’t come across it yet the Roon User Guide can help reduce the learning curve.

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I have not. Is there anyway to expand all topics and print it. I prefer to print it…make notes… when I not sitting in front of a pc…

Not that I know of. Your browser may have options to do that.

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Paradoxical, maybe, but logical: you can hate anything, in a vague way, but if you want to act on that hate you need a robust way to refer to it.


I don’t know exactly how exclude works (or even what you did for “exclude”), but I think if you explicitly search for Jay Z he should be found, excluded or not. And isn’t really your use case, is it? Are you deliberately torturing yourself by looking up Jay Z? I think it is more reasonable that an excluded artist or album are excluded when you do a category search. And I think it works something like this: if you mark an album or track with the slashed-circle symbol, it is skipped if you have selected a lot of stuff (“rap” or “2010s”) and random-play it,


I agree… and I am fine with how it works now… frankly I really just wanted to search and explore TIDAL and get rid of things I don’t like or want to even explore.

I am sure more people probably would like to BAN OPERA than would like to BAN RAP, but for me… once I BAN it I was hoping that I could never have to deal with it again (aka ROON doing a pre-filter/focus removal of stuff).

Most likely myself or my family will not be searching for Jay Z, because he is not an artist we prefer to listen to, or RAP, so we will probably not run into his music, but I just wanted to see if Roon could/would possibly expand the implementation of the BANNED items more deeply. (There is always V2, V3…)

That being said, Roon has worked perfectly for everything I wanted originally, we still have a few bumps with Sonos, but they say they have found the bug and are working on fixing it (disconnections). So I am confident they will based on how well the Roon product works over all.

More importantly I have to say I have enjoyed the Roon community during my Test/Getting to know you phase of Roon, and believe as I continue to explore the amazing Roon tools/features, I will be interacting with this great group of people more.

I also look forward to being as part of the Roon support for those who come after me in this journey, because I find the first 2 weeks for the passionate Audio person, is where we really need help to move quickly through the product to determine the “Trial Period/Commit” action.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and feedback during my journey into Roon land.


PS: The Roon support for the Raspberry Pi3,HifiBerry was an amazing endpoint solution that only cost about $100, and 5 minutes to setup. I believe this single solution for expanding the use of Roon is a massive reason to Love Roon over other systems. They understand the core need to manage, move, and deliver music in a quality and flexible fashion. Again CONGRATULATIONS ROON TEAM… for doing such a great job!

Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong by purchasing a paid Roon subscription. Of course, there will be things you won’t like or wished worked differently. That’s human nature. Some users will agree with you and some won’t. But in the end, Roon s just too cool and useful to not use. Btw, if you like your Pi endpoint you should explore Ropieee and get yourself a Pi video screen for some real fun. Just search Ropieee and video in this community.

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Agree, Pandora provide this functionality though I don’t know of any others.

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So true so true tidal et al are full of crap and I’m sick of seeing mindless tripe keep appearing on my Roon screen which is quite good but way behind in terms of user friendliness and usefulness compared to free offerings from Linn and others I’d roon cannot evolve and improve soon it will crash and burn…