Blank tiles in the "Discover" Page

On the Discover page I have a line of mostly blank tiles that are just gray and you cannot click on them. What is this? A possible fix?

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I’ve encounted this before, but only after a new install and only with <100 albums in my library:

The 2nd and 4th row are always greyed out [after restarting Roon], as per screengrabs.

Clicking ‘See more’, the back arrow, or ‘Home’ from the menu, and then back into Discover, and it becomes random as to how many cells on the whole page are not populated - none, one row, just one cell, etc…

I’m assuming you have a library with >100 albums, does it act the same way after a ‘refresh’, as per my quote above?

I’ve just seen that you are experiencing issues with genres:

As many of the cells on the Discover page are generated on Genres, seems this is linked (and possibly to the wider issues you are experiencing with Roon).

Hope you find a solution.

Thanks so much for letting me know that you are having the same issue with the Discovery page. I do have more than 100 albums in my library (about 3500). You make a good point about those two issues being linked and I do think there is a wider issues when it comes to Genres. I just reinstalled the ROCK OS and reset my database and settings and I am doing a fresh import now. I will check out the Discover page and if I get blank cells, I will try your method of Resetting it. While it seems others are having some similar issues to me, they seem to be minor in comparison to mine so it has got to be something with my set up.

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After reading about your issues, I decided to start improving my own genres in Roon.

As I mention at the end of the post, I’m also seeing grey cells on the Discover page, with a library of >2000:

Genres really need some TLC from Roon.

The Genres page looks great at least! looks like you put in a lot of work. That is weird that is affects your discovery with all the blank images. I have been wanting to get rid of Pop/Rock forever. I ended up with about 8 different genres instead and that is as far as I am willing to go at this point until they fix something. I kept my genres OFF so. that Roon only uses it’s own Genres. I seem to have no issues with that. Thanks for sharing this with me and for all the help. I really appreciate it all.

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Thank you for giving me the inspiration to do something with my genres. Not sure I helped you, but you certainly did help me!

It’s just a shame that it requires so much repetitive work to do simple tasks - the UI could be so much better: a hide button on each (sub-)genre page; a click and drag heirarchy, etc…

And I’d love to be able to change the artwork shown on the main page, and even better have the 1.7 ‘album wall’ back for each genre page:

I’m still to decide on my final top-level, but like you I’m waiting to see if Roon can make any improvements - at least allowing you to hide their top-levels and fix the Discover generation. It’s really just a test - I’ve still got to add my full local library, so I’ll likely spend most of my time fixing the metadata of my files.

Fingers crossed we get something helpful from Roon.



Just an update - my Discover screen seems to be OK now, all the genre based cells are populating.

Perhaps Roon just needs some time to generate the genre cells after a change to the genre heirarchy, or Roon have done something server-side???

You are definitely helping! Neither of us can do anything to change how these features work but getting a better understanding of what can be done without causing a mess or a crash is as helpful as one could be.
It really is a shame that is requires so much work to do what should be simple tasks just like changing the image used to the Genre. I think currently it uses the Artist that has the most albums tagged with that Genre, but that does not mean they represent that genre the best.
It is interesting that your Discovery page fixed itself after a little bit of time. I was having the opposite thing happen where I would get my Genres page with no missing images, but then the next morning two or three new Genres would pop up with no images. So it became never ending for me. I am glad it is working in your favor though. I am also hopeful that a lot of these things are just errors in their server or something that they can fix on their end.
I have been searching for the best way to organize genres and determine which genres should be sub-genres and which should be top level and so far the best site I have found it. is what I have been using as a loose reference.

Hopefully one of us will hear something soon!

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Thank you for your kind words!

That is partly true, but it will also use the second most tagged artist if the first has already been used in another genre, and so on… Based on an alphabetical sort of top-level genres. But even this doesn’t seem to be a consistant behaviour - so possibly something else is at play.

Also, the photos on a specific genre page can differ to those shown elsewhere…

EDIT: I’ve made a new a support topic, and moved the rest of my comment there:

I’d like to be able to add my own genre art for the main Genre page, I hate the links to artists.

I’d likely use images of instruments most associated with the genre (like the old Roon images). Something like this for Classical:

And locations/landscapes. A bit of a stereotype, but something like this for Blues:

Just any image that makes sense for us personally.

For the specific genre pages I really want the album wall back.

At first many cells didn’t populate because I had so few albums (<100, a handful just local), so those cells in Discover that were based on genre didn’t have any info to use.

Moving all my empty genres (Roon & user defined) into a new user created ‘trash’ sub-genre certainly resolved the issue for me (when I started to mess about with Genre), but as you add new albums with genre tags that weren’t previously in the database those will need moving.

However, after deleting my play history, I’m missing cells on the Discover page again - so quite a few are based upon your history.

Thank you, I’ve been trying to remember a site I used a few years ago, this is it!

The UI has improved a lot since I last used it.

@support , any information on any of this? Are these separate issues or are they all tied to something bigger? Any information on any of these issues would be helpful. I know you guys are slammed, but any information or confirmation that these are being seen and worked on would be great! Thanks so much!

I reported the same grey blanks on my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 almost as soon as 1.8 came out. The issue doesn’t arise for me in landscape mode, only portrait, so that might be worth a try if your device supports it.

Just to update this thread:

Around a day after seeing blank tiles after deleting my playlist (edit to my last post), it seemed to settle down and populate all the tiles on the page after increasing my play history.

But today the blank tiles have reappeared, around 16-24 tiles every time I reload the page, via ‘See more’ and the reload icon.

I’ve made no alterations to my genre structure between it settling down and today, nor deleted my history.

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