Bliss Implementation

Bliss (software) seems like a good solution to my tagging issues. But this software is rule-based, and it could result in thousands of changes big and small.

Are there any taboos or advice on how best to approach a major retagging effort with respect to the Roon Server and storage? My setup is a NUC Rock with USB Storage drives attached.

I wonder/worry about the “strain” on the Roon DB. Thx, NooB

I had this for a while until I completely changed my entire metadata and it moved all my files and folder by choosing the wrong settings. Its not that easy to setup. Thankfully I had a backup of my files it before I did it. I leave it alone now until I have time to figure it out properly and just use MP3 tag again.

Thanks Simon, I don’t have a sense of Bliss’ history. Now, it is structured like Roon: you specify watch files and rules and it will flag changes for you and will auto-change if you so choose. The deadliest rules, IMO, are ones enabling it to change folder and file names. Those are now preset to Off.

I am wary of two apps watching the same folder, both prepared to act on its contents. Could work, if both are on their best behavior.

I was a bliss user long before I discovered roon. Dumb question, but if I had never cataloged my cd rips (wav files) with bliss would roon have simply auto downloaded cover art, metadata, etc? I guess what I’m asking is how would my albums look differently in roon if they were never touched by bliss?

Wav files can be tricky due to lack of metadata so maybe bliss is still a good bet.

PSA on BLISS - I used it to organize my music whole music library (about 25,000 tracks) a couple of years ago. Now that I am beginning to use Roon (in my trial period still), to my chagrin, I have learned that ALL of my Beatles and Pink Floyd albums have been completely jumbled up. Many albums are not recognized by Roon because of how BLISS screwed up the metadata. This is an absolute nightmare. Glad that guy only charged $10 or something for his software - it is going to take HOURS to fix all this. I do NOT recommend using this software for any project. Do it using Spoon’s dBPoweramp’s metadata editing tool and do it manually. Please believe me, it will save you in the long run…

I would stay WELL CLEAR of these “intelligent” automatic retagging solutions as they tend to create total havoc.

Just like Roon did, when I imported my library. Companies claim to apply “intelligence” when all this stuff is still in early “alpha” status. At best.

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