Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

The albums “Silent Alarm” and “Silent Alarm Remixed” are both grouped under “Silent Alarm Remixed”.

The review is also for the Remixed album.

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I’ve noticed the same issues… Same goes for The Future Sound of London’s “Lifeforms” gets confused with “Lifeforms Remixed” and Megadeth “Rust in Piece” confused with “Rust in Piece Live” and others.

The original albums don’t appear in Roon’s database, the remixed or live versions seem to wipe out the original albums.

Thanks guys – we have a ticket in our bug tracker covering a few issues with albums being marked equivalent when they shouldn’t be.

I’ve linked back to this thread, so feel free to add more here – we should be looking into this soon now that 1.1 is out the door.

Queensyrche’s “Operation: Mindcrime” album doesn’t exist in the database and gets confused with their live album "Operation: LIVEcrime.

@mike. The band Elder and their s/t debut from 2009 get confused with a celtic band The Elders from 2000. Even though you can select the correct version info, the version disappears when selected and is never used. Attached are screen captures. Note the band is called Elder, not Elders. The Roon database is correct with all the other releases except this one.