Blocky, Unreadable Text

New Windows 10 Asus Laptop, Intel, Marantz HD-Dac1, Drobo 5d Raid Array over USB 3.0, USB Regen, Jitterbug…nothing too terribly out of the ordinary.

Roon started out fine. All of a sudden, a couple of days ago, I started getting blocky, unrecognizable text - although the album art and the artist name appeared fine. Very weird. And now, it won’t start up at all, or it will start up with the blocky text and then just disappear. I have a very large library, about 250,000 flac files and integrated Tidal and am on my trial. I was impressed initially, but getting frustrated. I would rather not reinstall. Any ideas?

I have the same problem and Roon is aware of this.

The cure will be the 64 bit version. This is a known problem of large libraries.

I understand that the 64 bit version is in alpha test and hopefully will be out soon.

Hey @John_Hill – sorry for the trouble here. What you’re describing can have a few different potential causes, but the underlying cause is that Roon has run out of graphics memory. We’ve seen this happen when people are running other graphics intensive apps (like Photoshop or Lightroom) or with larger collections like yours.

We have 64 bit builds on the way that should definitely help here, and in the meantime, I’m guessing things will also resolve themselves if you restart your system and free up some graphics memory. You might also try lowering the Memory for Photos/Artwork setting on the Setup tab of Settings.

I’m going to follow up via PM and we’ll make sure we get a little more information about your system and get this resolved for you. Stand by!