Blue Note 75 MQS Collection

I’ve recently added the Blue Note 75 “box set” to my Roon library. (not really a box set - it came loaded on a SD Card with the limited edition Blue Note A&K player - more info here)

Most albums have been recognised, but because all of these have been remastered in MQS, it seems like they don’t quite match any existing albums in the Roon database. As a result some are not being recognised (I assume because things like track lengths all being wrong?), but where they are they are generally incorrect (i.e. the Miles Davis Vol. 1 album is recognised as a 1993 Japanese CD release).

It’s not the end of the world, but I’m wondering if it’s likely this will ever be rectified? If not, I’ll begin the long process of manually correcting all 75 albums to be from this release. :weary:

I don’t see where you get the “MQS”-format idea from? A&K seem to have developed a streaming protocol though, that they call MQS.
Are you sure you are not confusing this with all the talk of MQA these days, which is a proprietary format?

However, as i have the collectors boxes of these albums, in SACD, i have ripped them all and i seem to recall that a few of these were curated manually to give them the correct cover and be identified correctly.
(Personally i don’t like clumping together box sets, i want each album represented as it should be, with Version info set to the name of the box set.)

It seems this MQS is just another load of marketing BS (Not too distant of MQA actually…):
I suppose these files are delivered in FLAC or similar?

Yes the files are just FLAC.

It’s not the format that’s bothering me, it’s that (from what I can tell from the marketing material) - almost all of these albums have been remastered in some way. This is confirmed by the fact that almost none of the track lengths match up to previous Blue Note CD releases (and in fact, some are much closer to the vinyl release).

I’m mainly being picky about having the album identified as the correct release - which I assume for all of these albums should be a new digital download release? Is it likely these will be added?