Blue screen of death after 1.2 update

Hi all,

Roon has been working perfectly. Today I updated to 1.2 and now I get a BSOD (stop 0x00000101)
I’m about to fully clear it from my PC (all settings) I uninstalled it and then re ran the install but same issue.

My setup:

HP z600 PC (twin xeon cpu 24gb ram SSD drive)
Synology NAS DS2413+
D-Link Dual Band Gigabit Range Extender
Airplay to a Marantz CR-610
Samsung S5 phone

Music (Flac and DSD only) 1.75TB 66K files
Fibre internet 100/40

Any ideas before I scrub it clean and try again ?



Hello @Steve_Grunberger,

To be clear Roon can’t cause BSOD or any other system crash by itself. In Windows, the BSOD is a kernel or driver bug - it’s the consequence of crashing in kernel space. Roon does not include any components that run in kernel space.

I would start the troubleshooting process from checking the drivers. If you are using not the latest - try to update them. If some of them were recently updated try to rollback to the previous version.


Thing is, it only blue screens when I start Roon. PC has been on over night no issues. Soon as I start roon it freezes then blue screens.

I’ll delete everything and re-install and see.
Windows event viewer says Jplay and hwinterface had errors.

well, those are the offending programs. Roon may be triggering something with Jplay or in that driver. I would start not with Roon but by disabling the hwinterface driver,

Yeah I’ve removed Jplay and I don’t even have hwinterface. I’m at work now but I’ll check when I get home tonight (I’m in Australia)

I’ll keep you posted


So I installed the ORIGINAL version of Roon. Works 100% Do the update and BSOD
Remove the new and install the old and it works.

I am about to drop money on this but I won’t if an update stops it working

I’ve uninstalled the new version and I installed the old ole and it’s 100% working. Update and BSOD.
Remove it fully and install the new one and BSOD delete and install the old and it works.

I was paying tonight but I am not now until I get it working. Please help


Hey @Steve_Grunberger – I think we’ll be able to help pin this down, so apologies for the trouble here.

As @vova said, nothing in Roon is going to be able to cause a BSOD, but we do talk to drivers and components in your system, and they can cause these types of issues. It’s possible that Roon is now calling on a driver in a different way, and that driver is causing the issue. So what we’ll want to do here is narrow this down.

Since most of the changes in 1.2 are related to audio, I’m inclined to start there. Can you take a look at Device Manager, and disable all your audio devices. Then start up Roon on 1.2 and let us know whether the BSOD is still happening.

Also, it’s not totally clear from your posts when this happens – is it immediately after you launch 1.2? Or do you have to do something?

Either way, if you’re able to run 1.2 succesfully with all your audio devices disabled, that will be a good clue, and I would recommend enabling them one by one so we can get a sense of which driver is causing the issue. There may be something we can do at that point, although the more likely result would be reporting the issue to whoever made the driver.

If you’re still seeing this issue with all your audio devices disabled, that would be interesting too, so let me know how it goes ok? Thanks @Steve_Grunberger!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

I have the old version installed and it’s working great.

I’ll try the new version on the weekend and see how it goes.
The other day it started up and just as I was about to set a folder for music, that’s where it froze then dumped the memory.

I agree it’s a driver issue too. I’ll check and update all drivers too.

I’m not a bit fan of MS updates, so I only download what I want/need.

I was thinking of buying a Mac Mini for Roon with my hi-fi gear. Might do this too.

Anyway thank you for the reply and I’ll try on the weekend as I am away for work at the moment



Sounds good Steve. Let us know how it goes!

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Well, windows is reporting that it might have caused an error so it must be on your machine somehow. hwinterface is a background process installed by some programs. See:

Review your processes list in Taskmanager and see if it is there. Is so, disable it and give that a try.