Blue Sound Connection

I have enabled my Vault 2 but cannot locate the library in Roon?
My core is an IMac High Sierra 10.13.6
Roon 1.6
Blue Sound Vault 2 BluOS 3.2.10
Ethernet connection

How do I access my Blue Sound library?

Hello @Chris34,

To have Roon access your Valut 2, you will need to add it as a network share to your Roon Settings -> Storage -> Add Folder page. You can follow these instructions ( to add the Vault as a networked path.

This is typically done by adding the smb location of the Vault 2, for example:
smb://IP_ADDRESS_OF_SHARE/FOLDER_NAME and this would be posted in the following area:

Please be sure to include the username and password if you have one set up for your Vault 2. If you have any other questions regarding this process, just let me know!


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