BlueOS 3.10 released 18/8/2020

This is a major update on players and apps. They promise more robust Wi Fi too


No new issues with the update so far :slight_smile: Will test it thoroughly with Roon the upcoming days.


It broke the touchscreen display on my NAD M10. The only way to get it back was to turn the BluOS Remote OFF in the player settings. Reboots and return to factory settings didn’t work.

The Tidal My Mix Playlists are a very welcome addition.

No issues for me with my remaining Bluesound Flex, despite some reticence on my part to update!

I have updated my Pulse 2, Pulse mini and pulse flex without issue. I mostly use them wired.

I only had a brief time to test it earlier today, but for 5 minutes or so playback on 5+ Bluesound Devices simultaneously using Roon over WIFI I had no issues… this is kinda first ever…playback seemed to start quicker, and all devices played in sync.

None of the devices “dropped out” or had problems to stay in the party.

Maybe Bluesound tech team actually got their ■■■■ together?! :open_mouth:


I read an earlier thread that talked of the first 1/2 second or so being clipped. Love to hear if that has been dealt with.

No issues with my 10 NAD CI720s (with BluOS) and 3 Node2s. They can all play synchronized.
But then again I didn’t have any issues at all with them prior to this release…

We will wait and see - wifi stability has been the biggest issue for me.

I have to say, that my experience so far is that that wifi is now rock solid (he says, nervously touching wood).

For the first time ever, all my WiFi connected devices (two pulse minis and a powernode 2) have stayed connected for 24 hours.

Finally, My Pulse Flex 2i is truly “Roon Ready” over wifi ! Previous to this release the performace in roon over wifi was hugely disappointing and as this is a portable device I was left feeling like I had thrown hard earned $$$ out the window.
It simply works.
Thank you Blusound, thank you Roon.


I too have noticed that my Puls Flex speakers are finally usable over wifi. I’d pretty much given up on them after connecting one to a PowerLine so it would work reliably. I’m not sure whether it was the BlueOS update or the latest Roon update or both. But it’s much more stable. I can even hear it start to skip or cut out, but it actually recovers (which it never seemed to do before). :clap:

Has anyone else lost all their album cover art? Any suggestions to recover? I have re-indexed the library, but no improvement.

Sadly things got worse for me after the last two BluOS updates: My Pulse Flex 2i started disappearing from Roon all of a sudden. It disappears from the Roon Ready endpoints (although still available as Airplay endpoint) and this seems to happen at least once every 2 days or so.

Both my Soundbar 2i and Flex 2i are ethernet wired and they have been working really well for about 6 months or so. After the recent BlueOS updates, the Flex 2i will occasionally disappear from the Roon Ready endpoints (still available through Airplay - Roon tested). Rebooting the Flex 2i is required to get it back. I tried disconnecting from ethernet and operating the device via Wifi (6 ft away from router) and I experience the same.

Tried the usual tricks of course (restart router, restart Roon core, check everything is upto date, etc.)

Using the BluOS app is better (Flex 2i and Soundbar 2i both available) but again, I notice a certain sluggishness when grouping and ungrouping. Grouping and ungrouping works but it seems kind of slow and sluggish compared to the experience before the last BlueOS update. Controlling the devices using Airplay 2 directly from iPhone is flawless and snappy. Same good experience with Spotify connect from PC / iphone / ipad.

… so while there are problems for me, I am happy to read about the good experiences above :slight_smile:

What networking kit are you using? Just for information sake.

Hi Ged, I am using the flagship synology router: RT2600ac
The flex 2i is nearby (6ft away) so I can just wire it directly via ethernet cable to the router.

Just a follow up with good news :slight_smile: I think we have had a few more updates since… I am now on 3.10.3 and all is working perfectly. I have even disconnected ethernet and running wireless for both Flex 2i and Soundbar 2i. All works well and without glitches. Impressed.

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My system has been running very well also after the recent updates, but I have not been brave enough to try to go wireless and risk messing it all up!


I don’t blame you :slight_smile: I took a leap of faith and so far all good :wink: wireless all over