BlueOS 3.4 & Roon

From Bluesound’s recent announcement of the upcoming v3.4:

“Improvements have also been made to the BluOS integration with Roon to improve compatibility with Roon’s recent version 1.6 release.”

Glad to hear it. I recently bought a pulse mini 2i, and it has issues with roon. Haven’t had time to comment here. I assumed it was from the 2i being new, but just as conceivable it was something in Roon 1.6. In any case, I figured the next BluOS update would fix it. Let’s hope.

On the 2i, there has been a song start lag, and the beginning of songs get cut off. Both are still happening even with the Pulse Mini 2i now showing as Roon Ready.

@RoonModerators will the next BluOS update will fix these issues?

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New update seems to have made the sync way better.

Oh, and the 2i is now supported?

2i seems to be officially Roon ready :clap:t2:

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Better how? That it works as it should or just less out of sync than normal. I still wonder how these got Roon Ready certified when a basic feature of RAAT doesn’t work as it should. My £35 pi keeps perfect sync.

I can report that in my brief testing thus far I have seen complete resolution of the sync problems that I had before updating to 3.4

This is also being discussed on the bluesound forum and the bluesound team state there that 3.4 fixes the sync problems in roon

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This was written on the bluesound forum in response to multiple people saying their sync issues had been resolved.

“Thanks everyone for the feedback, I’ll pass along the news to the devs!

The folks at Roon also need a group hug on this one as Brian, Rob and John have been working closely on the code and testing front!”

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