Blues genre stations - please add and correct

Thanks to all moderators working on adding Live Radio stations to Roon. Here are several stations I’d like to see added. I’m not exactly sure how to get each station’s URL, but I will include the links from TuneIn…

  1. Caldonia’s Crossroad Radio - Ad Free

  2. HD Radio - The Blues - Waukesha, WI - Ad Free

  3. KWPQ 103.3 Blues & Jazz - Springfield, MO - Ad Free

  4. BellyUp4Blues - California - Ad Free

  5. Johnny Winter’s Winterland - Ad Free

And a couple of corrections… Aardvark Blues is no longer Ad Free, and I believe that BluesMusicFan Radio is located in the United States and not the UK.


I’ve done the corrections, the other requests will take a little longer…

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I’ve added the stations. Please check. (Some of the images are not up to standard - I’ll try and fix later)

All working great Brian :+1:. THANKS!

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