Bluesound 2i equipment showing uncertified

Nucleus’s my core

Bluesound Vault2i is hooked up my Ethernet
Bluesound Pulse 2i WiFi

I am sorry if this has been asked before but I could not help but to notice that on the Roon app my endpoints lost their graphics and now look like a generic speaker. I then went into settings and noticed that my endpoints are roon ready but uncertified. Did something change? Is there some corrective measures I need to take. I can deal with the generic picture of a speaker but just would like clarification. Thanks

Hello @John_english ,

Does this issue occur on multiple Roon Remotes or just one in partiuclar? What OS are your Roon Remotes using? Is there any change in behavior with a reboot of the Nucleus, Bluesound 2i or Roon remote?

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