Bluesound 2i Roon Ready Recognition

Hello @support

I have a Bluesound Soundbar 2i & sub, in addition to 3 Pulse minis (2i) (2 of which are a stereo pair). For some reason Roon is only recognizing the Pulse Minis as Roon ready devices. The only difference is that the Pulse Minis are connected wirelessly, and the soundbar is via Ethernet.

The only way to group zones is by selecting them all as airplay devices, instead of networked Roon ready devices.

Core running on iMac Pro 2017.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hello @Damien_Carson,

Are you able to see the Pulse Soundbar 2i from the BluOS controller app on your iMac Pro? Do you have any zones grouped using the BluOS application? If you unpair the Bluesound sub from the Pulse Soundbar 2i, does that change the behavior you are seeing?


John, thanks for the advice. In turns out just switching the soundbar on & off again triggered Roon to recognise the Sounbar as RR, RAAT all the way now, it sounds great! Love the software!


How are you liking this setup? Iā€™m thinking of doing the same thing for my TV use and then having Roon control for casual music listening.