Bluesound and Roon, What Works and What Doesn't?

Are all Bluesound devices RoonReady?

What works and what doesn’t? Does MQA not work an any devices using Roon?

What else is broken?

Do a search around here. Plenty of discussion on Roon and Bluesound and MQA.

Short take:

1 - yes, all Bluesound devices are now Roon Ready

2 - There are multiple issues with MQA and Bluesound via Roon. MQA works fine on BS devices via the BluOS app

Yeah, I started the thread because the volume about Bluesound, MQA, and Roon is so large that it’s hard to get an idea of what actually works and what doesn’t.

Are the issues with MQA through Roon to Bluesound issues with Roon or Bluesound?

I still can’t tell for sure if Bluesound’s MQA implementation is dependent on a software decoder or not. Anything definitive about that?

There’s no way of knowing if bluesound is handling MQA properly that I know of.

Not with Tidal as a source, can’t look at “technical info” for playing track.

I don’t think that entirely true. The bluesound logs in their players do indicate that they are decoding/unfolding up to 24/192 when served Tidal MQA from the BluOS app.

The issue is:

  1. When served the same files from Roon, Roon will show the file traveling lossless at 24/48. (Wouldn’t this, by itself, be expected if all decoding/unfolding is happening at the destination? Doesn’t MQA travel down the RAAT pipe as a 24/48 and then the destination device does the work?)
  2. However the Bluesound logs when playing that file will show code suggesting that no rendering/unfolding is happening and thus the file is playing at 24/48

It appears that Bluesound firmware at the destination is not detecting that the file is MQA and thus not performing its unfolding job.

One would assume this is a resolvable issue once they get their head around it. Bluesound definitely decodes MQA fully… they have stated it many times. We (consumer enthusiasts) just believe that they don’t (yet) do it in the Roon environment… based on some lines of code that differ when we playback those files BluOS vs RAAT.

Bluesound appeared to have acknowledged this issue but then have gone silent on it.

And that’s a problem.

any news on this? I’m about to get some new speakers for the kitchen…


Yes I’d be interested too, similarly for a kitchen.


Sigh - still downsampling…

Sample rate issue is fixed with Bluos 2.10.9 update.

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Going home to do the update now!

And VOILA! We seem to have gotten over the 48khz hurdle on all my BluOS devices!

Oh happy day!!

oh, how cool is that!

I’ve just bought a Flex a week ago, so it’s even more fun to see the green dotted signal path go away after a couple of days!

But the MQA issue still a problem with the latest upgrade.

Meaning we aren’t passing MQA through? I wasn’t expecting that update from Blu, but I would love to see it soon!

According to AndrewH, site admin over at Bluesound, the problem is on Roon’s side, but it “requires a fair bit of work”
And I see now that Brian has said so here. Sorry, missed that.

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With the latest version of Blu firmware I’m experiencing a big delay between my main output (Esoteric K-03X) and my Blusound devices. It’s a process…

Hmmm. That’s a problem. Sounds like it still isn’t ready for prime time.

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