Bluesound DAC? MQA?

What DAC is in a Bluesound? And is it an MQA decoder?

Cirrus Logic last I checked. No not a licensed MQA DAC, afaik.

It is Burr Brown PCM5122 on Node 2.

Not sure about the speakers (Pulse, Mini, Flex)

For MQA in Bluesound please read here:

Would like to know about the speakers, too, if folks know.

I asked the question on speakers (second gen Mini, Flex) directly to Bluesound support. This is the reply I got:

[quote]The Flex and Mini have headphone jacks on the back of them.

The DAC that is inside the Generation 2 players is a PCM5122 2V RMS DIRECTPATH 112dB Audio Stereo DAC with PCM Interface and Fixed Audio Processing from Texas Instruments.

If you wish to view more info regarding this DAC, please check out this page.

All of our Players have the same MQA and High resolution file support.

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