Bluesound devices not all recognized by Roon (ref#X0J4D5)

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So - brand new Roon user - but long time Bluesound User. I have 4 individual Bluesound devices and a group - called "Soundbar + 2" which contains a Soundbar, a Powernode2 and a Pulse Mini.

On 1st start up only 2 of 4 Bluesound devices were recognised by Roon - the 1st gen Pulse soundbar and a new Flex 2i (which isn't part of any group). The Pulse Mini and Powernode2 weren't discovered even though they are on the same network and connected in the same way.

Undaunted - I decided to play some music through the Soundbar (I'm on the 14 day trial so time is of the essence !) and to my delight/confusion - the music is being played through the "Soundbar +2" group

Can you help work out whats going on ?
Is the Soundbar discovered by Roon actually the Bluesound group ? Why are the individual devices not appearing as available ?

Many thanks

Describe your network setup

Standard UK BT install - Smarthub 2

Bluesound speakers/devices
- Soundbar 1st Gen *
- Powernode2 *
- Pulse Mini *
- Flex 2i
- starred devices are in a Bluesound group "Soundbar +2"

Zen Innuos Zenmini NAS

All devices connected on the same network via powerline plugs

TV also connected to the Soundbar by optical cable - TV plays through Bluesound group "Soundbar + 2"

This has sorted itself out !

I ungrouped the “Soundbar +2” Bluesound group - music continued playing from Roon just to the Soundbar itself.

Looking at the devices in settings–>audio all of the Bluesound speakers now appeared and could be played to individually. I grouped the devices in Roon rather than Bluesound and everything appears to work correctly.

I’ve grouped them together again in Bluesound, because the TV plays to “Soundbar +2” via an optical cable.

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