Bluesound Flex 2i [resolved: networking compatibility issue with Bluesound + Orbit + Mac]

Roon Core Machine

5" 2016 Macbook Pro with Big Sur 11.5.1.
Roon version 1.8 (build 814).

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi WiFi mesh RBR40 main base router and two satellites.
Firmware version is V2.6.2.104.

Connected Audio Devices

Two Bluesound Flex 2i’s (that are Roon Ready)

Library Size

Description of Issue

Hi, I’m having some connection issues with Roon and my Bluesound Flex 2i’s.

The problem is that there are stability issues overall with the Bluesound devices as the output using Roon. When I turn the speakers on, it seems random if Roon will recognize the Bluesound Zone (in this case, “Kitchen”).

One day the “Kitchen” zone will be there and will work just fine, and the next day, it refuses to show up and seems impossible after multiple reboots, turning it off and on again, restarting Core, etc. The zone and speakers always appear in the BluOs and Qobuz iOS apps, but only sometimes in Roon.

I can’t figure out why it works just fine some days and will not work the next.

Note: The Bluesound “Kitchen” zone shows up immediately when plugged into the Orbi base station via ethernet, so it appears it’s only happening when it’s over Wi-Fi. The BluOs app and Qobuz apps work in either respect. Only the Roon app has over wifi has issues.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

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Hi @Jason_Bishop

Have you tried connecting your Bluesound devices via Ethernet? Even if as a test, it would be extremely helpful to know how they work in that configuration.

I have not tried directly connecting these Flex 2i’s directly via ethernet, as it’s pretty far from the main router. Taking them off the wall and removing ethernet cables will be challenging, since all the ports are being used.

Can I connect one to the ethernet port on the Orbi satellite?

Hi, @dylan,

Ok, you have my attention. The speakers are now connected via ethernet and they did load right up.

What’s that’s the next step to figuring out my network issues over the wifi?


I use the Elac Discover Z3 (two of them) and could not get stability with wi-fi and had to put them both on ethernet which resolved the problems; not what I wanted but what ultimately was required.

Thanks for your reply.

The Orbi satellites have two ethernet ports each, so I’ll try that next. It’s not ideal, but one satellite does sit on the same wall as the two speakers. The fun part is going to be trying to wire them through the wall with the power cables, if that’s my only choice.

The Elac Z3’s could not be fully updated when I used wi-fi. Also, I had drop outs in Qobuz. When I resigned myself to ethernet, everything immediately and continues to work. It is not a major concession but it would have had more flexibility of placement had I not had to use ethernet. BTW, good luck.

Sometimes we find that it’s not the Wi-Fi network in the house, but the Wi-Fi receiver in the product.

This orbi ethernet test is a great way to determine which it is. It was my understanding that the blue sound 2i products were far superior than the 2 products when it came to Wi-Fi. @john?

Hi, @danny,

Yeah, the ethernet test was successful on the Flex 2i’s. They showed up with no problem hardwired in.

The Orbi satellites have two ethernet ports as well, so I was curious if that was also going to help. I’d rather the wifi work, though, simply out of convenience and scalability.

The other apps I use, BluOs and Qobuz, usually work well when Roon fails to recognize the zone.

Let me know if there are any other diagnostics or performance logs I can provide.


Yes, the 2i gen has dual-band WiFi with an updated chipset.

@Jason_Bishop are you still seeing this behavior when using wireless? I found this thread on the Netgear support forums while doing some research for this ticket:


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