Bluesound Flex 2i - uncertified?

Any timeframe for the Flex 2i to be certified??
They seem to be working great so really just curious.


I have been wondering as well, though I would add that there are some “issues” with the 2i. Mine occasionally drops out (not during playback)… just disappears from the list and re-appears a minute or so later. Not sure where Roon is at with an update to address these items.

Until they fix the syncing between other RAAT points it shouldn’t get it.

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I’ll add that I haven’t had them very long so I haven’t seen dropouts but I am seeing quirks.
I have noticed that when grouping endpoints, I have to stop the music before and restart the music after grouping. This seems to allow everything to sync. If I just group them together on the fly they are not even close.
The other issue I experienced was stuttering, grouped or not. I’ve lowered the max bit rate in Roon for them to 48/24 and that seems to have corrected the stuttering and music startup is much faster.
I have been able to get these to sync with other Roon endpoints but haven’t played it that way for more than 30mins or so.