Bluesound Library gone after installing Roon

So, I installed Roon and finally everthing seems to work. However, when I went back to the Bluesound app to play an album through it the link was missing. Same for all the albums. Then I re-indexed and the library is gone. Still works fine through Roon, playing through the Bluesound players. Is this normal?

This is with an iMac as core running Catalina, with the latest Roon build and two Bluesound devices (previous generation, not the i models).

I’m just trying Roon before purchases (maybe) so wondered if this is how things worked, and if it will return to normal if uninstalled. I do like the software, though wish it had the Neil Young Archive integrated.

No issues here not sure how that can happen as installing Roon does nothing to the Bluesound at all it’s just sending it playing requests nothing more. If it has then I would contact their support.

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