Bluesound Node-2 and other Low Cost DAC if any

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I m exploring options for my speakers with good mono blocks power amps. While i m doing that, and given my budget constraints, I m looking for a low cost DAC for now and eventually upgrade to a good DAC (preferably RoonReady by then). I was exploring Node-2 as one among the options. Node-2 is because its RoonReady.

(1) Members of this forum who are using Node-2 as DAC and quality of RCA output to Power Amp - How is the quality.
(2) and any comparison to XLR from other DAC if you are using.
(3) Other Options on low cost DAC if you have any? (Like CA DacMagic + )

The Node 2 punches far above its monetary weight class. It is even better in terms of the ergonomics it offers: convenience switching (it switches automatically between any sources you define (Roon, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Radio – whatever), analog/optical line-in for other devices (TV, etc.) and a smart learning option for any IR remote (once you’re used to setting volume and play/pause/forward/back Roon with a dumb remote, it’s hard to live without it).

As for the DAC – I use the digital out to my speakers, but use it regularly with my headphones (the HP amp isn’t half bad either) and found my Chord Mojo collecting dust since the Node entered my living room. I originally bought it as a stop-gap to toy with, but to my surprise it’s a keeper. I’m not saying it is the end-all of DACs, but is is a very enjoyable unit.


you have a dac in the speakers? I connect the node2 to active speakers.

Does Roon fully support MQA on the Node-2?

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FYI I had Node-1, the big box, which I sold once i signed up for Roon. I sold it because i was using it as streamer only and not as a DAC to my then Devialet (sold :slight_smile: ) and with Roon we can easily stream from any computer.

[quote=“RBM, post:2, topic:28221”]
setting volume and play/pause/forward/back Roon
[/quote] Volume control is on Roon remote or we need to open up BlueOS ?.

My original question regarding DAC of Node-2, the RCA output from it will be fed to Power amp. So I was checking if the quality is good enough (until i get DAC Upgrade). (assume good RCA cables)

Node-2 is popular where I live so I can sell quickly.

[quote=“adamus, post:3, topic:28221”]
you have a dac in the speakers
[/quote] Speakers are not active. Node-2 -> RCA -> Power AMP -> Speakers.

My LS50W dont need Node-2 (/ if i need why) as i stream from Computer to LS50W

Two in each speaker. :slight_smile:

Technically, yes, with the changes in the latest build and the updated SDK that will be sent to RoonReady partners this week. Practically, Bluesound will need some time to incorporate the changes, so at this moment – no. It will pretty soon though.

The Node volume control is available in Roon – no need to open the BluOS app when using Roon.

As for DAC quality: only you can judge whether it is ‘good enough’ to your liking. But as you say: resell value is high. :slight_smile:

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I like the Volume control with Roon! this is good.

Agreed on quality of DAC to Power-Amp chain etc.

Looking forward to when it is practically a yes. Keep us posted.