Bluesound Node 2 compared

Hello friends,

Has anyone compared the sound flavour of Bluesound Node 2 against other Roon end points (including Bridge on NUC etc.)? I just got one and I am feeding the digital coaxial to a Naim Nova. The system needs a bit more time to settle I think but so far I quite like it. It sounds clean, clear and smooth. I compared it against a MacBook Pro with optical out into the Naim and I could hear some difference, namely a slightly more dynamic sound with the MacBook pro. Could be my imagination of course. I am waiting for a usb to spdif converter (M2Tech Hiface 2) to compare further.

Has anyone compared? Any experiences?


in it’s price range the Node 2 is good value for money. Heard it in many combinations, including B&W 802D3.
If you’re prepared to pay serious money see if you can find a used Lumin for best price / quality balance. A new T1 will set you back $5.000,–, used can be less than half that.

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I think the Node 2 is a $500 no-brainer. Adding a better DAC makes a huge difference. The internal DAC is OK but doesn’t realize the N2’s full potential.

The Node 2 digital outputs are very good. I don’t know if it will be better but for someone considering purchasing a Node 2 for digital coax output I’d recommended trying the Allo DigiOne (much cheaper and I found just as good).