Bluesound Node 2 or 2i with External DAC

(jimmy stabler) #1

I’m new here and just started messing around with Roon and love it so far.

I have a bluesound node 2i hooked up to Rotel RA 1572 (analog out) and (Coax)

Rotel says that the internal DAC will recognize MQA files, but that it the bluesound node 2 would unfold it correctly—whatever that really means.

Just curious if anyone here has any experience with a similar setup or with RA 1572 and how they have their audio configured in terms of “Render, decoder, etc”

Cheers- Jimmy


Hi Jimmy,

Their reply is a bit unclear - I can’t see any mention of MQA on the web page for that product but it may be elsewhere. I think they’re saying that it will just play as a normal digital audio stream from the Coax, in which case you can either let Roon do the first ‘unfold’ (in Roon set MQA capabilities for the Node as ‘no MQA support’) or the Node (set ‘Decoder and Renderer’).

The other option would be that it can, in fact, unfold MQA itself. In which case you’d configure in Roon as ‘Decoder and Renderer’ and setup MQA pass through on the Node (might need to Google which menu this setting is in).