Bluesound Node 2 volume control implementation

Any of you Bluesound owners know the technical details of how the volume control operates in the Node 2 (or, indeed the Pulse speakers)? I was just wondering if it was a purely digital implementation where resolution is being lost at anything below full volume, or maybe a digitally controlled analogue set-up or something like that.

There’s a link here - although it doesn’t really say how the volume control operates.

Whilst I can understand commercial sensitivities I have found that Bluesound seem to avoid disclosing technical details - even ones that you might expect to see in specifications. I asked about the characteristics of the subwoofer filter on the Node 2 (cutoff frequency and roll-off rate) and the reply I had said that they would have to ask their engineers to measure it. In the end I just measured it myself!!!

Thanks for that catch. I had looked at their forum but wasn’t looking that far back. As you say, an apparent reluctance to give too much detail about what I would have thought was a fairly open subject.

Edit - I just found a newer thread on the same subject which effectively says that information will not be disclosed.

You wouldn’t want to play a Pulse 2 at full volume so I think they do volume correctly as it decodes MQA and must be bit perfect to do this.

I am playing a Pulse 2 at full volume. Fixed analogue volume out into my Arcam AVR550. Unless fixed doesn’t equate to full gain (or is it zero attenuation?). I haven’t experimented with volume, but I believe there’s some kind of gain range adjustment or limiter if you go for variable volume.

I see, not full volume through the speakers?

I am an idiot - I have a Node 2 :flushed: got mixed up with models there as I’ve only just got it

No more the idiot than I … lol :nerd_face:

In any event I must say that I find the Node 2 a very good package at the price even as a Roon endpoint. The fact that it’s also a preamp and streamer with MQA DAC makes it pretty good value for money. Interesting that Bluesound eschew DLNA and UPnP, instead preferring to work their own system using network shares.

I have to say I’m more than impressed with my Pulse 2 and Pulse Mini. Both Roon Ready and MQA capable. Worthy F80 replacements for the modern age.
I just await the Roon MQA decode issue to be resolved.