Bluesound Node 2i announced

Looks like there’s an update coming to the Node 2:

Between these two multi-room generations, the company had created the NAD Masters M50.2 BluOS network streamer, and the Node 2i’s upgrades begin with trickle-down high-end circuit design and architecture. The layout was then of course optimised to accommodate its new chassis, and further isolation put in between audio and wi-fi frequencies.

The new, smaller wi-fi chipset has granted Bluesound the freedom to play with the circuit layout – though the company has admitted to being surprised by how much this has affected the Node 2i’s audio performance.

Bluesound has also added some bonus features to its streamer, including that dual-band wi-fi and two-way Bluetooth, as well as a faster processor for an all-round more intuitive user experience.

The 32-bit/192kHz DAC remains, as does its long list of connections, including RCA, coaxial, optical and subwoofer outputs, with physical inputs for optical, analogue and USB-A alongside wi-fi, Bluetooth aptX 4.1 and AirPlay 2.

The entire range is updated!

Looks like Airplay 2 only available on the new versions BUT you can also use it with older products if you group them within BluOs. That’s rather cool

Wish it had HDMI so it could output 5.1 audio to my AVR.

DITTO! That’s always been my gripe with this unit, really makes no sense to not have it in 2018.

I have it as part of my NAD receiver and it makes a big difference.

downloaded the BluOS and app updates. the latter notes there’s an Alexa skill now (also the press releases). can’t figure out how to enable- has anyone had success?

The feature I’m excited for is that the Bluetooth now works both ways. I can slap on a pair of quality cans and continue to listen in private.

Looks like my Node 2 is going on the market.