Bluesound Node 2i Roon Ready?

Does anyone know is the Node 2i in the process off getting Roon Ready certification? Product has been out for a while and still not certified?

Any other Roon ready devices that could stream aptx hd to Bluetooth headphones?

It’s got issues, I would not recommend it…plenty of issue threads on it just search here

Edit WiFi seems to be the big issue…lan maybe ok…ymmv

That’s what I’ve been reading. Makes you wonder is Bluesound/Nad giving up the whole Roon partnership cause all the new products seems to have problems.

Too bad Node 2i would be just perfect for Bluetooth headphones.

I’ve had one for about a year. There definitely have been some growing pains especially with multi-room device syncing. At this point, for me, it’s working quite well with Roon. I have it tethered to ethernet though.

This product is on the low end of the price scale for Roon-ready streamer/players, so one reason we see relatively many issue reports may simply be because more people own it (compared to devices costing 2x to 10x as much).

My Node 2i is showing as roon ready.

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My Node 2i has been working fine during my Roon trail, however all of my system is ethernet connected so no wireless involved in the whole system other than a couple of Sonos Play ones which are working fine.

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That sounds promising. Maybe I should pull the trigger on a Node 2i. I could have it connected to the network if necessary. Node is the only solution that I can come up with that could stream Roon to Bluetooth headphones. At least for that price.

I’d just check the Node is compatible with the headphones, seen a few people on forums having issues. I just use my phone as it does not lie my AirPods Pro. Plus as a standard headphone amp the Node is poor.

Do you have a laptop?
Or any computer with Bluetooth support that can work as a Roon endpoint? An iOS device might work, too.

Yes I’m using my iphone and ipad as Roon endpoints but they don’t support aptx hd bluetooth. Bluesound would support that and it would stream MQA also.

I don’t listen through headphones too often, but I do have a pair of B&O H7s (Bluetooth wireless). To my ears, they sound quite good with the Node 2i. But one thing I either never learned to do, or have forgotten, is how to assign them a “friendly” name in the Bluesound app. They show up there with a name that looks like a MAC address. I find the pairing process a pain, but maybe with different cans or if you use them more often, it would be easier for you. When I bought these a couple years ago, some Apple (Beats) phones were coming out with technology to make BT pairing/discovery automatic (or nearly so). Maybe that is more widespread now?

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I use a Node 2i for half a year. I makes no difference if it is connected via Ethernet or Wifi. It works kind of with roon. With older firmware versions it even had dropouts when using the Blusound App. I was close of kicking it out. With the latest update it got much better, but it still has spontaneus disconnects. Even with the latest Firmware it makes no difference if it is connected by cable or wireless. Sometimes it just needs a special invitation to play.