Bluesound Node 2i Roon

Hello guys, sorry I am new to this streaming world, new to Roon. Looking forwar to get a Node 2i but I do not know if it is ready to use it as Roon endpoint?

It says Roon in the specifications without a * indicating a future update. FWIW

So, I will have to wait for a future update?

No that’s not what I meant. A * by the feature specifically says in a future firmware update. Roon doesn’t have a * by it.

Ok, thanks.

There is a review here

I bought a Node 2i on impulse at my local Needle Doctor.

Works like a champ with Roon, as well as with NAS files on my WD My Cloud. Really easy to setup and everything just worked (which seems rare these days). I was amazed that BluOS found a bunch of M3U playlists on my NAS and re-factored the path locations so that they worked, anyway. Wow.

Right now, I am listening to Primephonic via aptX HD bluetooth from my Pixel 2 to the Node 2i. Sounds great, as does Roon playback with MQA files. The Node 2i’s built-in DAC is quite good. I did some comparisons with my Bel Canto DAC (flipping my pre-amp between inputs) and the sound is pretty close. I would need to do some extended listening, I think, to hear a difference.

All for $500 US.

The Sonos Connect that was at my Head-Fi desk is now in a cabinet (still have others throughout the house for the family - that’s not changing).