Bluesound Node Issues in Roon

Roon Core Machine

Lenovo T470s Laptop
Intel i7 7th Gen
16gb RAM
Windows 10 Pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity WiFi
Netgear Unmanaged Switch

Connected Audio Devices

I am trying to connect Bluesound Node to Roon via Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

None yet

Description of Issue

I am brand new to Roon, Bluesound Node and to analog stereo equipment streaming. Trying to setup the Node to be my player via ethernet to the Roon Core on my business laptop. I can get Roon to work on my iphone and connect to the Node, but I cannot get it to work wired from my laptop and through a switch. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Firewall issue?


Can you provide a topology of your network?

The node 2i needs to be on the same network as your laptop (i assume widi connection to network?)

I think the node 2i would need to be connected to the switch and not the laptop. The laptop is not a switch.

Anyway, will wait for your reply.

Thanks very much for your response.

Yes, the node is on the same network as the laptop. Both the node and the laptop have separate cable that go in to the switch.

Then maybe the device is not enabled.
In Roon, within the laptop go to Settings>Audio
Then find the node2i and click “Enable”

I bought a node yesterday, I just waited for it to power up and be seen by the bluesound app then gave it the WiFi password and then enabled it in roon. So it should be that easy.

You were correct, it was not enabled, but, it still is not working when plugged into ethernet. The music works on the laptop (core) but not remotely.

I certainly thought it would be given the lack of meaningful instructions.

Have tried on WiFi instead of ethernet cable? Worth a try maybe

Seems to work when on Wifi and with my iphone contoller

Do you mean it works in roon when using WiFi or just that the blues app on the phone sees it?

Yes, it works when using wifi on the Roon app

See how it goes on WiFi.

I really want to be on ethernet.

I can connect through Bluesound app on the ethernet, but Roon doesn’t seem to find the player when I open it.

I initially setup via wifi. I am wondering whether I should uninstall everything and start over again using the ethernet. I will also be transferring my core to a NUC in the next few days. I guess I should just wait until that is ready and do it all then. I am a bit nervous about setting ROCK (Linux) on the NUC and remotely controlling from my iphone or windows laptop. Yikes!

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